Regression analysis is a set of statistical method used for finding the relationships between a dependent variable (y) and independent variable (X). The independent variable is one which does not impacted by the other variable, but as the independent variable changes it directly affects the dependent variable that means the…

Machine Learning is the next Internet — Tony Tether

We uses Machine Learning (ML) numerous times in a day without even knowing it. Like every time we hit Netflix we uses its recommendation system, when opens our mobile it recognizes using face/finger prints. Each time we open our mail we…


Let’s start off this topic with a very simple question, What was the first algorithm that most of us learnt when we were in our initial phase?

Whenever we talk about automating our decisions the first thing that strikes our mind is Machine Learning. ML has gained huge market lately, every sector digging deeper and deeper into the same to excel themselves.

If we talk about beginners they too want to see themselves as a ML engineer…

Gaurav Garkoti

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